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Local Activities

Good walking on old green roads last used by the pack-horse ponies as they carried lead from dale to dale, which gives the cyclist or walker the opportunity to explore the open countryside.

NEW WEB SITE -: with lots of local walks and things to do out doors in the North Pennines


Allen Valleys -: www.exlporeallenvalleys.org.uk

Alston &The Cumbrian North Pennines -: www.explorealstonmoor.org.uk

Blanchland & the Upper Derwent-: www.exploreblanchland.org.uk

Teesdale-: www.exploreteesdale.org.uk

Weardale -:www.exploreweardale.org.uk





 To mark the anniversary year AONB are laying on 25 fabulous events and activities which put the special qualities of the North Pennines in the spotlight.

Booking is essential-:either online at or by ringing 01388 528801 during normal office hours.




It is an excellent area for cycling, and near to the C to C and many other cycling routes. For the motorist, leisurely, quiet roads verged by beautiful flora and fauna lead to traditional stone-clad rural villages. Nearer to home, our own beautiful wild flower meadows provides a welcome place to relax during your holiday.


From the Source to the Mouth of the river Wear, this is a 77mile/124km walk through the beautiful Dales and a World Heritage Site. The route goes buy the river at the bottom of our farm.Low Cornriggs  




Spring Birdwatching - This is a do-it-yourself. Maps required. BLACK GROUSE 
You need to go on a walk around 5:30 am, to be back for breakfast at 9:00 am. Usually have to travel by car to near the area of the sites, which cover an area of approximately 10 miles radius of the farmhouse, then approach the sites on foot (up to a mile on rough terrain, as these birds are very secretive).

Please take binoculars, walking stick, and warm waterproof clothing and footwear.

About the Black Grouse
Black Grouse were once found across the whole of England but from the late 19th century they have been in decline, mainly through loss of habitat. They are one of the most distinctive birds of the uplands, with the males forming 'leks' in spring. A lek is a gathering of males who display and ritualistically fight each other with the aim of attracting a female. Many leks are traditional and have been used for decades.

The black grouse in England is now found in significant numbers, 90% of the population is in the North Pennines (c. 800 males) and as a result, is a priority species for conservation action.

The adults feed mainly on plant material although some insects may be taken in the summer. Their food includes cotton grass flower heads, fruit of sedges and rushed, heather, bilberry, leaves of herbs and the buds and shoots of birch, larch and conifers. The chicks feed on insects in their first few weeks of life.

Red Squirrels - This is do-it-yourself  
A new find for Upper Weardale: Red Squirrels have been seen at Killhope Lead Mining Centre, a mile from our farmhouse. The new conservation initiative includes a designated feeding area in the forest for the squirrels, where they can be watched from a new viewing hide nearby by visitors. The viewing area is easily accessible and very close to the footpath through the forest, in Hazely Hush.

 www.killhope.org.uk    TELEPHONE 01388537505

Walk by the river in Durham City 
 This is just a wonderful site and very peace full .Start from the dack of the Cathreral and go left to the bridges that are along the river , 


Have a look at there web site .  As see on country file.


01388 488491.

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